Software development and integration

Structured cabling and Security

Mobility solutions

Neural scorecards & antifraud technologies

Since its formation in 1994, UCS has evolved into a leading company, implementing projects across three continents. In almost 20 years of activity, we have been following the same vision: to bring the newest IT&C technologies to the surface of the market and help develop and circulate them throughout all industries. We believe we have achieved our goal in several ways: introducing mobile banking on the Romanian market, developing the solution that automated application processing for the expanding credit market since 2003, using neural technologies for antifraud solutions and designing and implementing one of the largest FTTH projects in Eastern Europe are just a few examples. As technology is evolving every day, we work continuously to select, develop and deploy the best solutions for our clients.

Ingenio Software
Software development and integration

  • Custom software development and own products implementation services
  • System integrator for OracleIBM and Cisco software
  • POS and Smart card applications implementation for Ingenico and Gemalto products
  • Logical and physical security integration
  • Fraud and risk scorecard development
Structured cabling and Security Fiber NET was created in 2004 as a company specialized in optical transmission networks and IT&C infrastructure build. Presently, Fiber NET operates its own metropolitan optical fiber network in Bucharest, which provides data transmission services with a high degree of availability over 99.98%. Fiber NET has extended its lines of business with structured cabling for data centers, corporate HQs, gas stations & marine platforms and Security services, Intrusion detection & Access control and Video Surveillance.
Mobility solutions SmartTel offers a financial portal on mobile telephones (using SMS, WAP, HTTP) that allows easy access to a wide range of banking products and services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without being limited by the bank working schedule.SmartTel is the first mobile banking service on the Romanian market and currently supports the largest number of active users of SMS Banking.
Neural scorecards & antifraud technologies Neural Risk Management SA is focused on risk management solutions for financial-banking and telecom markets. In a competing market subject to changing macro economical conditions, NRM is offering a range of scoring services: refining, calibration, validation, development that play an important role in the company’s strategy in profiling customer behaviour and in servicing, maintaining and managing their accounts.