Quality policy of UCS

The Management team of the UCS to has developed a quality policy, which governs day-to-day operations to ensure the quality of products/services provided.

Quality policy is communicated and implemented across the organization.

Quality policy of UCS is defined as follows:

In view of today, a modern company is a company whose processes are controlled. To this end and to improve its performance continues by taking into consideration the needs and expectations of all stakeholders (clients, suppliers, employees, shareholders, society), UCS aims at implementing and maintaining a quality management system in accordance with standard ISO reference 9001:2015.

Satisfaction of all these stakeholders can be assured only when there is a harmony of interaction between the responsibility of leadership, human resources and materials, and efficient quality management system.

That's why the overall activity of our company is based on the following principles:

  • orientation to the customer (customer satisfaction),
  • leadership (management and participatory),
  • management decision-making based on facts,
  • mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers,
  • the systemic approach of the processes within the company,
  • staff motivation and satisfaction,
  • continuous improvement of performance,
  • periodical review of the objectives of the promotion,
  • continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Through the policy adopted in the field of quality we want to achieve the following objectives:

  • satisfying the customer, both expressed and implied, to the highest standards of quality,
  • the provision of quality services in order to maintain its position as the reputable company in our field of activity,
  • continuous training of all employees in order to raise awareness and assuming responsibilities for the achievement of performance targets and quality,
  • cultivating among staff competence, responsibility and an attitude of positive partnership,
  • ensure permanent communication with customers,
  • attracting and keeping employees creative, inventive and
  • attracting new clients,
  • the operation of the market in terms of profitability,
  • protection of the environment,
  • staff health insurance.

All employees are aware of the UCS to the advantages offered by the provision of quality services and their impact on clients, on the other, upon economic efficiency, as well as on society at large.

Every employee is trained both technically and with respect to the requirements of the standard EN ISO 9001:2015, is motivated and has provided the conditions for the pursuit of health and safety at work.

Policy in the field of quality is brought to its attention, and is accessible to all staff.

The Director General of the UCS to undertake to respect and fulfil the quality policy and objectives established for this purpose, ensuring the availability of human and financial resources and maintain the infrastructure necessary to achieve objectives.