LTE (Long Term Evolution), also known as 4G LTE, a wireless data communications technology that enables significantly higher data speeds compared to previous technologies, has gained more and more popularity recently, becoming one of the most widespread newly developed mobile data technologies. This popularity is due mainly to the impact that such a high-speed data connection has on smartphone usage. Nowadays, most everyday processes are migrating to smartphones, from simple ones such as using an email client and web browsing to complex ones such as video conferences, e-commerce and internet banking. Every aspect of a person’­s life and business can be managed through their smartphone, and LTE technology enables this process to develop seamlessly, in an instant, at very high internet speeds. UCS has recognised LTE technology as a wireless data communication technology that is able to shape both the present and the future, and has participated in several international projects involving LTE infrastructure, including the design and technical support for a network deployment in South East Asia.