In 2008, UCS designed and built the first FTTH network in Romania, with GPON Alcatel Lucent equipment, through which it provides Triple Play services (100 Mbps Internet, telephony, standard TV and HDTV, VoD, IpTV) for a residential complex consisting in houses and apartment buildings. The infrastructure covers 1.000 users at this moment and allows the supply of Triple Play services from any authorized operator in Romania.

FTTH has proven to be one of the most cost-efficient, future-proof technologies, able to provide high quality Triple Play Services for residential subscribers in greenfield development projects.

In order to ensure that our FTTH services benefit from the latest technologies, UCS has chosen GPON Network Architecture (single fiber infrastructure for all services):

  • Passive splitters used to share a single fiber among subscribers
  • Full downstream bandwidth is available dynamically to any endpoint, at any time
  • Upstream bandwidth is allocated to endpoints
  • No electronics in outside plant